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 Colorful Beads Embrace Autism Japan


   Running our Son-Rise Program® for our daughter Yochan (Yoshiko 23 years old, autistic), we and our volunteers were feelling so grateful for the learnings we were getting from the work and so we wanted to share our experiences with other other parents and related persons in this field.  We started dreaming about the possibility of bringing the Son-Rise Program® into Japan and around May of 2018 we decided to go for our dream and started working on that project.   Finally in September 21th, 2018  our non-profit organization called Colorful Beads Embrace Autism Japan was established.


   As our first big step, we signed a contract with the Autism Treatment Center of America and together we are working to bring the Son-Rise Program® Start Up to Sasebo, Nagasaki in September 12th to 16th, 2019.    As a result of it we and our volunteers are guided by the trainings and resources offered by the Autism Treatment Center of America®, home of The Son-Rise Program®.


   Using The Son-Rise Program® we want to provide information and support for parents and in general people caring for children or adults challenged by Autism or other related developmental difficulties.


   We are also planning to host regular talks where we and parents in general can share experiences and learnings with each other.


   You can find our stories and activities in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.